5 May 2022

Challenges of IT Project Management in Florida: The Way Out

IT project management (ITPM) is a go-to-channel for any company to streamline its projects. However, it comes with a set of challenges that need to be understood while adopting the ITPM approach.
ITPM encompasses the process of planning, scheduling, execution, monitoring, and reporting multiple IT projects in an organization. Today, most industries have more than one IT project, thus inclusion of ITPM becomes an unavoidable necessity. So, here is where Stickboy, the best IT company in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida comes to the rescue.

Challenges associated with IT services in Fort Myers, Naples:

The virtuous cycle of definition, initiation, design, development, implementation, follow-up; could turn into a vicious one if not handled smartly. Stickboy can help you with the following challenges that you will face in IT Project Management:

  1. Unclear Communication: The improper channels of communication amongst the stakeholders make it extremely difficult to coordinate in the team. The team includes multiple suppliers and vendors which can create a chaotic functioning. It is widely accepted that a vast % of ITPMs become unsuccessful due to ineffective communication.
  2. Unrealistic Approaches: One of the prime challenges in Project Management is making an unstainable plan. Setting up unrealistic deadlines, regular changes in the priorities. This leads to overburdened employees, non-accomplishment of important tasks, and ultimately ends up in customer dissatisfaction.
  3. Keeping up with evolving technology: Frequent changes in the IT infrastructure add to the cost and time of the organization. Moreover, with every upgrade comes the challenge of data security. The complex dependency of the IT components leads to the crashing of the entire system even if a single software fails.
  4. Budgeting Imbalance: Such upgrades amidst the running projects add to uninvited costs causing disruptions in the finances of the organization. The extra expenditure is often financed by the profits of the company making the investors unhappy. Also, the cost is often passed on to the consumers, leading to customer dissatisfaction.
  5. Regular Upskilling: Sometimes, the employees have to do things on their own which can cost a lot of time to the company. These time-consuming learning curves cut down the productivity of the company in a significant manner. Also, huge manpower gets consumed to train the regular workers and upskill them according to the requirements of ITPM. Stickboy always keeps its resources updated so that you can have the best of our services.
  6. Scope Creep: It refers to the frequent changes, unregulated growth in a project’s lifespan, once the project has been initiated. It occurs due to the culmination of all the above-mentioned factors. Consequently, it starts causing a downturn in the company and diminishing its progress.

Let’s find the way out:

After knowing the challenges, it becomes important to discuss the solutions to use the ITPM approach to its fullest potential.

  • Before diving into the ITPM world, assess the requirements of the project in advance and convey it to your service provider.
  • Prepare a project charter along with your IT manager and have a clear extrapolation in case of failure of any project.
  • Clearly lay out the objectives and roles through documentation. This helps in ensuring transparent governance.
  • While execution, be a proactive communicator. Host time to time interactions to discuss the status of the projects.
  • Keep monitoring the progress of the projects using real-time data.
  • Ensure that the geographically dispersed members are keeping the projects updated and aligning with the company’s mission.
  • Manage the vendors, partners, and suppliers efficiently by employing unified team communication, discussing the newer purchases, and leveraging the skills of each member.
  • Risk mitigation can be achieved by breaking the bigger goals into daily and weekly chunks.
  • Last but not the least, keep a set of checks and balances to ensure transparency and accountability.

Today, the magnitude of IT project management has become much more than just putting up practical knowledge, using the skills, and employing tools and techniques to fulfill the objectives of various projects. The IT service provider needs to tackle the challenges like interdependent integrations, evolving technology changes that pop up during the timeline of any project. Though challenging, it isn’t an impossible task if careful measures are taken from the very beginning. A flexible but intelligent plan, effective team coordination, and striving for quality work could make any business flourish.

We, at Stickboy, offer versatile IT services in Fort Myers and Naples. We believe not in hand-holding but in empowering your management and IT teams to take flight for your dreams.