1 April 2022

Let us Match IT for you!

Seven Reasons why Stickboy is the right IT Service Provider for you

Today, Information Technology (IT) Services have become a sine qua non for any flourishing business. Every company requires IT services to leverage their potential and work seamlessly. IT services connote a wide term that encompasses a range of everything from mobile applications to cybersecurity.

The question arises, “How to confidently choose a service provider from a plethora of options available on-site and off-site?”

Though a challenging task, we’re here to find the ‘perfect fit’ for your venture. Read ahead to learn about the seven keys we believe make Stickboy the right choice while selecting your IT Service Provider in Fort Myers and Naples.

  1. We help chalk out your plan: Taking the baby steps, we help you gather requirements for what you actually need for the growth of your business. It may include backup recovery options, network monitoring, cloud computing etc. Laying out a clear cut report will save you from the ‘One Size – Fits All’ dilemma. You’ll also end up avoiding wastage of resources and time.
  2. Advice on allocating Budgets: You can make your every penny worth-spent by a simple balancing act. Cut down the extremes – avoid the cheapest. We focus on economic pricing with great Return-On-Investment (ROI). Instead of getting dragged by the full range of our offered services, we create a tailored plan for what fits you best. A critical cost-benefit analysis can save you a fortune!
  3. A Consulting Mindset: Once we have identified your needs together, we help to dissect the technicalities of your business.Our team creates a technological map for you laying out timely benchmarks.
  4. Count on our Experience: Spend some ‘quality time’ on blind dates with our IT team! Learn about our past experience in your field. Even if we don’t fully know about your services or products, our understanding of the operational process is fundamental.
  5. Analyze our reputation: We welcome you to do a thorough research and see what your contemporaries have to say about our services. The absolute thing you need to know about is our focus on strong security. Data breaches can lead to cybersecurity attacks, creating a risk of a full-blown collapse and our team is always protecting you!
  6. Transparency and Flexibility: Before signing the final contract, discover the twin pillars of transparency and flexibility that we strongly believe in. These two serve as the yardsticks to measure the authenticity of Stickboy as your service provider.
  7. Perform the Fitness Test: Execute the seven parameter test as you consider bringing us as your IT Services Provider on board. The rainbow test includes proactive maintenance, reliable support, longevity, sound company culture, adaptability, quick Support and quality delivery of services.

The addition of high-quality IT support can transform an average business operation into a scalable one. In today’s world, management of information, smooth processing has become a vital necessity. Thus, it becomes pertinent to choose the IT service provider wisely.

Now that you know the not-so-secret recipe, do your research and get set to share your success story with Stickboy in the near future.

In case you’re still wondering how to go about it, get in touch with us by calling or filling out the contact form, best IT Services in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida.