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Selecting the right technology provider for your startup is probably one of the most critical decisions you have written down in your business plan. Whether it’s custom software and apps, processes or IT infrastructure that you need a dependable partner for, it’s key to have a team in your corner that has experience in the job at hand and the passion for your vision. You’re probably asking yourself these 2 important questions:

  1. What are my biggest risks in building my technology?
  2. What is the growth trajectory and what is needed along the way?

Stickboy® was selected to be the official Technology partner for Tamiami Angel Funds, Florida’s largest Angel Fund for a good reason. Stickboy’s® team is experienced in working with startups and guiding them in the multiple facets of building value within the technology investment.

Our job is simple – To reduce your stress and make life easier. At Stickboy®, we help you understand what technology pieces you need to reach your business goals, and develop those solutions seamlessly and painlessly. We pride ourselves on not just providing you what you need now but advise and alert you on the needs you haven’t even anticipated.

Proven Track-Record In


Intellectual Property (IP) is a hot topic for any startup or technology investment. What’s under the hood matters immensely when it comes time to value the company. Stickboy® has extensive knowledge in how to build and document patents and trade secrets. You can read more about our team’s IP experience from our partner: Copperpod IP.