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IT Management

It services and technology consulting done smarter

Brace yourself for simpler pricing, expert technology guidance, endless business insights, and a security conscious mindset at every step of the way. Here at Stickboy®, we revolutionizing IT services and future-proofing Southwest Florida businesses by providing unparalleled insight into IT and technology needs.

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Run your business better with the perfect managed it partner

Your managed IT provider should help your business, not hinder it. Your IT plays a crucial role in maintaining (and growing) a healthy business. Even the smallest technology oversight and lead to costly downtime and missed opportunities, but Stickboy® prides itself on addressing technology problems before they result in negative impacts and cash losses.

We do technology smarter

Stickboy’s® engineers do Technology Smarter. Slow and unreliable technology will cripple your growing business, and we won’t stand for that. Our technology and IT plans make sure you get from good to great in the blink of an eye. Our process begins with an immediate IT stabilization plan to help secure your technology and processes. No longer will you be burdened with IT questions and concerns.

That’s what we’re here for. Our managed IT services and computer networking services have been revolutionizing businesses across Southwest Florida, from Naples to Fort Myers and beyond.

  1. Superior Reliability
  2. Prioritized Security
  3. Simple Pricing
  4. Ongoing Consultancy
  5. Technology Roadmaps


Your technology needs are endless. It is difficult to know which solutions to prioritize and deploy. When is the right time? Stickboy® takes the guesswork out of your daunting technology decisions. We offer a powerful solution, focused on shoring up your IT foundation while at the same time moving you towards operational growth.

No more

Remember that time you forgot to order a workstation for the new intern? Or that time you managed to miss a critical upgrade on your server? Or that time you didn’t renew your domain and had to buy it back from some guy in Ohio? Let’s leave those mistakes in the past. Unpleasant surprises are a thing of the past when you have Stickboy® at your side!

Our IT

It all starts with Stickboy’s® comprehensive IT audit. Through an in-depth review of your systems and processes, we’ll develop a clear vision of your gaps, strengths, and needs. This insight will be distilled into clearly defined projects and a simple pricing structure for your user base. We don’t rely on confusing contracts that are difficult to understand and question. Instead, we lay out everything in plain language, giving you the information you need to make the right decision for your business.

  1. Networking, Servers & Cloud Management
  2. Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  3. License & Software Management
  4. Technology Requisition
  5. Ongoing Consultation & Advisory Services
  6. A.I. Powered Anti-virus
  7. Ongoing Maintenance & IT Support
  8. Security Compliance & Audits
  9. Remote & Onsite IT Support

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Have managed IT services companies burned you in the past? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. The traditional IT company causes more headaches (and heartaches) than good. They obscure package and pricing options, make unclear recommendations, and deliver lackluster results.

Here at Stickboy®, we dedicate ourselves to eradicating tech nonsense. Instead, we use real language that you’ll understand. Changing your IT provider can feel daunting, but we’ll make it easy. Let’s start with a free consultation to better understand your goals and objectives.

Looking to

Are you staring at your rats nest of a server closet and wondering where it all went wrong? You know it’s time to upgrade, but you need guidance to better understand what you need and where you should go. You need a Technology Partner. Stickboy® is the partner you need to provide smarter, candid, and business-centric expertise.

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