1 April 2022

Managed IT Services in Fort Myers: The Ultimate Guide

Picture this: You’re immersed in your business meeting and suddenly get to know about the system software crash. While your IT team is at it, the news spreads like wildfire at the workplace creating chaos and panic.


Here is when Stickboy’s Managed IT Services comes to the rescue.


Managed IT services are a conglomeration of numerous remote IT services generating a hybrid service provider model. These services are outsourced by a company to an external provider. It is a cost-effective way to keep the IT infrastructure updated, provide a stable working environment, and cater to evolving business needs. It extends 24/7/365 support of IT services.


Why go for Managed IT Services?


IT networks are complex and in constant evolution. They host a range of physical and virtual components, operated across geographies, making their efficient management often times difficult.


The differentiating feature of managed IT services when compared to traditional IT services is it provides proactive IT advice to the clients to take strategic future decisions. It also shares the security risk by taking responsibility for anything happening. Organizations can leverage it to reduce in-house IT workload and focus on more relevant roles.


Services offered under our Managed IT in Fort Myers, Naples:

  • Network Management
  • IT Security & risk mitigation
  • Data Storage and Cloud Services
  • Web Hosting Support
  • Help Desk Technical Support
  • Virtualization
  • Network Provisioning
  • Implementation of Software Patches


What are the advantages offered by Managed IT Support Services by Stickboy?

  • Efficiency: Managed services improve the management operations by offloading general tasks to a better equipped external team. It liberates the time of your internal IT team which can focus internally on other day-to-day challenges. The robust outsourced team with specific expertise helps inefficient management of the IT System.
  • Affordability: Managed IT Services offer predictable pricing. They help to eliminate the costs of repetitive repairs. Moreover, unplanned and emergency services are way more expensive than getting managed IT Services that cover a range of deliverables under one umbrella. It makes the entire management cost-effective.
  • Security: It shares the responsibility of ensuring round-the-clock security by placing it into the trustworthy hands of an entire team under strict system operating procedures and protocols. The managed services team structures the framework and keeps an eye on any threats. Its experience can help in the quick mitigation of any mishaps. This leads to efficient risk management.
  • Scalability: The provision of Detailed Service Agreements instead of salaried employees ensures a high range of deliverables handled individually by a team of experts. Moreover, managed IT service providers at Stickboy play the role of technology consultants rather than mere employees. They provide strategic advice time-to-time to bring scalability to the business.
  • 24*7 Support: The managed IT team isn’t bothered by weekends or holidays. The team always stays upfront to cater to the needs of clients anytime and anywhere. This consistency reduces the disruptive nature of losses for the business. In a managed service arrangement, the provider holds responsibility for the functionality of the IT service and infrastructure, putting in place an excellent backend team. It unburdens the company and allows it to focus on the actual working of the company.
  • Adaptability: The Managed IT team acknowledge the evolving nature of the business and consistently work in co-evolving with them. This is done by getting up-to-date standards of certification. They host modern IT tools and processes.


Looking for a competent Managed IT Service Provider in Fort Myers: Check out Stickboy!


The technology and IT plans at Stickboy begin with a comprehensive IT Audit. We will unburden you from IT technicalities and chalk down a stabilization plan for you.


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