1 April 2022

Stickboy’s IoT team: Transforming the Business World

The Internet of Things (IoT) has left no business sphere untouched. Our team of developers at Stickboy, working on IoT platforms, are transforming industries like healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, IT, etc.

IoT is a system of embedded computing devices, software systems, and digital machines that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs). They can connect and exchange data over a network. IoT has served as a digitization force and holds the future of businesses across the world.


IOT has become an integral part of our everyday lives and no industry is an exception. In the business world, it has served as a two-way channel benefitting both the consumers as well as the producers. This is accomplished through enhanced efficiency, the generation of new insights, and utilizing data to make strategic decisions.


While Stickboy in Fort Myers and Naples has won awards for it’s work in iOT technology, it’s important to understand how IoT can help a business grow manifolds.


  • Asset Management: IoT helps to track the asset size in the supply chain. The missing transits can be cross-checked, thereby enabling inventory management. The automatic control options can be granted for channelizing the asset size.
  • Channelizing data: Our team can help you gain great insights into the operational procedures of businesses with iOT. This is possible because of data analytics. The generation of real-time data from different processes, embedded devices, and the end-users via sensors is incredibly helpful to businesses to leverage their potential.
  • Uninterrupted Functionality: IoT works on the principle of generating a ‘digital twin’ where it stores the complete stack of data in a secondary storage system. Not only that, it informs the executive about the component or device that may fail soon. This is done well in advance to ensure the seamless functioning of the business processes. In other words, IoT informs the organizations what’s happening in real-time rather than assuming or hoping that a particular scenario may occur.
  • Market Strategizing: IoT services in Fort Myers offer a holistic picture of the targeted market. Learning about customer orientations helps in creating relevant campaigns. This, in turn, results in the generation of enormous revenue. Moreover, quick payments, high accessibility to multiple options, on-field sensors create a 360 degrees view of the functions. Such data-driven strategies result in informed decision-making.
  • Cost Reduction: IoT devices can take over the monotonous tasks performed by human resources. For instance, automated data entry of operations of equipment can be registered by an IoT robot in real-time. This saves up huge costs and results in downtime reduction. Moreover, the skilled capital gets freed up to focus on areas that require expertise. The gradual elimination of redundancy helps in the optimization of resources, saving businesses a fortune.
  • Formation of New Business Lines: A special focus has to be laid on the predictive maintenance algorithm that comes integrated with the IoT platform. It adds new value to the already existing supply chains by extrapolating the data. For instance, the sensors used by our client BMP Logic in the agriculture industry can predict soil health well in advance by analyzing the current parameters. 
  • Enhanced Efficiency:  According to a survey conducted by Forbes, 37% of business executives are exploring IoT technologies to achieve higher productivity and efficiency. Reduction in waste generation and avoiding unnecessary efforts helps in efficient channelizing of the resources.

While IoT platforms are known to increase the productivity of businesses by 30%, there are some points to keep in mind about this wonderful platform.


Before migrating to IoT:


  1. It is crucial to ensure high end-to-end security while using IoT processes. The data should be safeguarded at all costs to avoid any critical failures.
  2. IoT requires exceptionally good connectivity and huge data storage space.
  3. Interoperability is another factor to be considered before integrating IoT in one’s business. Choosing the right platform, relevant hardware, and programming software are essential before migrating to the IoT world.
  4. One of the obvious requirements of IoT is to be conscious about data handling.


With our IoT development services, a business can put its ideas into action. Get in touch today and see our team’s work portfolio of IoT applications.