31 August 2022

Why Does the Color Blue Dominate Social Media Websites?

Allow Stickboy to put the right blue for you!


Blue has no dimensions, blue is beyond dimensions

-Yves Klein


From surfing the waves to surfing the internet, the color blue is omnipresent. Be it social media apps on your cell phone or websites on the system, you see blue color being used by the top brands.

Blue is America’s favorite color, according to a survey by the University of Maryland published by the Live Science website.

Also referred to as the ‘Nirvana color’, blue is often associated with the coolness of the sea and sky. It symbolizes comfort, sleep, trustworthiness, and safety.


Understanding the Color Psychology

Different colors can even provoke various responses. This impacts human behavior substantially. Due to frequent associations and as a part of our human evolution, colors evoke specific emotions, moods, and atmospheres in us.

Being subtle, color psychology creates a lasting influence on a person’s thinking. It happens especially if viewed repeatedly, as in the case of branding. Our Fort Myers web design team recognizes it and can help you choose the right color combination for your website.

The colors you use with your marketing can trigger different emotions and hence spark a purchasing decision. Colors stick out the most in our minds as customers associate them with your logo, website design, packaging, etc.


Blue: People’s Favorite Hue

Given blue’s overall power, and huge popularity, it’s worth taking a deeper look into this hue. When perceived, every shade of blue evokes a different emotion.

Therefore, you should contemplate what could be the perfect blue for your website.

  • Light blue: depicts refreshing, inviting, and friendly.
  • Bright blue: promotes creativity and productivity.
  • Dark blue: indicates strength and reliability to a website.
  • Muted blue: gives an antique feel that represents respect and trustworthiness.

Web design in Naples, FL for businesses is provided by Stickboy. Our team has helped several companies in curating the right graphic design by using ideal shades of blue.


Is Blue the Right Color for You?

Incorporating multiple shades of blue on social media websites or in website design depends on several factors. Who are you trying to reach? Is it relevant to your audience? Does it go with the company’s products and services?

These are a few important questions to answer when you’re deciding on your brand color.

Blue is a calming, warm color that accompanies red and yellow as primaries. It has seemed to take over the web due to following reasons:

  • Appeals to a wide range of audiences: Both men and women prefer blue over other colors. Social Media Websites benefit from using it in their website design. This is because they carry optimism and a sense of transparency with it.
  • Encourages communication and promotes interaction: The fluid and calm nature of this hue evokes a safe feeling. This drives more traffic to social media websites. Moreover, various shades on the blue spectrum offer a wide range of choices to choose from.


Popular social media websites that chose blue

Stickboy provides web development services in Fort Myers and Naples. Our team has deeply studied how blue is used by different brands to leverage users’ perceptions.

Blue comes out as a quite dependable color. For instance, Twitter uses it to let its audience depend on it. This is for information on trending topics and current events in real-time.

Interestingly, Facebook is blue because the founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is red-green colorblind. This means that he can visualize the blue color as the clearest.

Similarly, platforms like Skype, Vimeo, and WordPress websites have adapted different shades of blue. This is to attract audiences into a friendly and approachable environment. It portrays safety and reliability to the customer. At the same time, it seems more professional and less intimidating.


How can you use Blue for your own Website?

The websites in today’s time are the windows to the soul of the company. User Interface Design is itself a project where everything comes together.

Thus, your website should portray your natural, comfortable, and reliable elements that are already integral to the color blue. When you decide to incorporate blue into your website design, you have to choose a shade that easily dissolves into the background.

While a dominant blue homepage can look awesome, you can’t use it on every page. Instead, the white background looks super clean and simple on a page with a lot of content. Thus, you can include your blue in dominant fonts and accent designs to be cohesive but not overly blue.

Color can serve as a powerful tool in attracting visitors, generating leads, and converting potential customers to actual buyers. The right colors need to be interwoven throughout all your branding and marketing strategies.

You can transform your entire image and even your customer market just by evaluating your color choices again.

While all colors hold their significance when in doubt, blue is the way to go!


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