4 August 2017

Introducing Vectra Digital

Introducing Vectra Digital

Our founders, Matt Bernhardt and Reema Bhatia, have launched a digital agency devoted entirely to digital marketing and website design called *drumroll*…. Vectra Digital!

Vectra is the chosen digital agency for clients in various fields such as national e-commerce, restaurant chains, medical and local businesses.

Vectra allows companies like yours to leverage digital advertising to…

-Achieve higher search rankings
Drive more website traffic by attracting targeted visitors
-Maximize leads and sales
-Place companies in the prominent view of searchers on Google, Facebook, Instagram and specialized platforms like Healthgrades, Houzz, and Yelp.

Vectra can also handle your company’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Remarketing, Reputation Management and Directory Marketing.

Our CEO Matt Bernhardt is also the CEO of Vectra. When we asked him what his thoughts were on launching the new digital marketing studio, he said:

“The foundation of our company is data-driven decisions. We looked at the digital marketing landscape and saw that local companies were not getting quality marketing with data to back up performance and decisions. Being a team of developers and data architects, we knew we could bring a fresh and exciting way of thinking to the industry. We are currently employing various big data analytics and machine learning algorithms to bring unprecedented ROI to our clients’ marketing budgets.”

One of the really cool things about Vectra Digital is that the company implements effective digital marketing strategies so clients can focus on building their businesses. The team’s process is results and numbers driven so every dollar spent has data that justifies it. Vectra Digital has successfully increased brand awareness, online visibility and generated leads for numerous differentiating enterprise and franchise companies.

Vectra Digital is led by Emmy Award winning digital strategist and design expert Harrison Ambs. Harrison leads the design team at Vectra to provide clients with sincere and quick customer service and has produced award-winning work with clients such as Golf Channel, CBS and NBC, Al Jazeera, Powerball, Capital One and more.

Want to learn more about this awesome company? Check out http://vectradigital.com/ and follow Vectra Digital on Facebook!