7 August 2017

From Fort Myers to Oxford, England – Our Founder Is Doing Big Things!

Our very own founder here at Stickboy® Creative, Reema Bhatia, has completed the CIO Academy at the University of Oxford in England!

While attending the prestigious technology program, Reema (who is also the CTO of Jet’s Pizza and founder of Vectra Digital) acquired invaluable skills that she plans on implementing into her clients’ IT and digital marketing strategies.

At Oxford, she fine tuned her knowledge and insight into how companies can compete in the digital environment as well as digital strategy and maximizing use of The Cloud.

“Being a CIO today requires me to participate in boardrooms and to be able to bridge the gap between business and technology, ” explained Bhatia, “I believe it is my role to initiate and lead digital transformations. To this end, all my technology strategies have the cloud, mobility and big data as the main pillars”.

(That’s her!)

The CIO Academy at Oxford is exceptionally unique due to the combination of world-leading faculty, cutting-edge research and the shared experiences of a truly global, highest caliber peer group!

Congratulations to our fearless leader and global IT expert! We can’t wait to see the amazing things you will accomplish in the future!