25 July 2017

We’ve Been Recognized on the 2017 Growth “Watch” List For Florida Companies!


Stickboy® Creative has been selected from more than 500 nominees for Florida Companies to WatchSM, a statewide program managed by economic development group GrowFL, in association with the Edward Lowe Foundation.  We are among 50 statewide companies expected to see significant growth over the next several years!

GrowFL considers the following factors in determining which companies are worth watching:

  • Strong Management Team
  • Competitive Market Position
  • Strong Community Involvement
  • Innovativeness of the Product or Service
  • Response to Adversity
  • Current and Past Financial Reports
  • Increase in Sales and/or Unit Volume
  • Growth in Number of Employees
  • Impact of the Business in the Job Market

We are honored to have been recognized for our hard work and are ecstatic to achieve “next level growth” in the years to come!

“These stand-out companies are all led by entrepreneurs, and have demonstrated their capacity and intent to grow,” said Dr. Tom O’Neal, executive director of the Florida Economic Gardening Institute and associate vice president for the University of Central Florida’s Office of Research and Commercialization.  “They also all have critical intellectual property or a niche position that gives them a competitive edge in their markets,” he said.

“We are thrilled that our team is receiving the recognition for their dedication to our clients, as well as their brilliant skills in web development, mobile applications and custom software,” said Matt Bernhardt, CEO of Stickboy® Creative. “We truly believe that providing a valuable service to our customer begins with creating an atmosphere where employees are genuinely happy and excited about where they work and what they do.”

A special thank you goes out to GrowFL for the honor and recognition! We are so excited to be selected as one of the Top Florida Companies to Watch and send our warmest congratulations to the other nominees.We would like to also thank our entire team for their hard work, dedication and contribution to our ever-growing company, Stickboy® Creative! And last but certainly not least, we would like to thank our wonderful clients for being so amazing to work with.

Now, let’s grow together!

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