20 July 2016

The Big 3 Benefits of Business Process Automation

What if you could increase efficiency, decrease mistakes, and gain valuable insight into the functions of your business? The answer is called Business Process Automation, and its benefits can help you reach your business goals in record time.

If you picture one of your business’s processes, it seems simple enough: get customer approval, send to legal, copy accounts and marketing, once approved send to the project managers, etc. Each of these steps is probably done by a person who is responsible for moving that item along the chain.


The problem is that humans are flawed. Many businesses are finding ways to automate this workflow and streamline their processes from manually to automatically driven. Watch our video below as we break down 3 big benefits of business process automation.



1. Quality


Automating a task allows it to meet quality and governance goals reliably and repeatedly. Humans make mistakes from time to time. Moving that task from a human-centered solution to a custom software solution allows that task to meet its governance goals 100% of the time. Automated processes never have a “bad day” or “need to get their coffee first”.

This results in your customers and your employees getting a consistently excellent experience. Department communication breakdown is lessened and your customers have a quality experience that meets the business’s standards of excellence, each and every time.


2. Reporting


Moving your business processes into software allows you to gain data and insight. This is what’s known as “business intelligence” and it’s vital to allow managers and owners the ability to find bottlenecks, identify trends, and track “time-to-task”.

Being able to quickly analyze issues in your business like which processes take the most time to initiate, possible points of failure, or missed deadlines – this kind of insight is crucial to ensure your business becomes and remains a market leader. The ability to get this information quickly and easily allows you to get a better grasp of your business’s “flow”, which means less time in update and review meetings. And doesn’t everyone want that?


3. Efficiency


Business process automation allows your employees to focus on more profitable tasks . By giving them the tools to do more with less, you’re freeing them to work on processes and tasks that are more profitable for their time. They’re not responsible for files not being transferred, notifying the next person in the process, or having to remember ‘what comes next.’ Humans can only work on one thing at a time, software can be programmed to run multiple tasks inside a process simultaneously.

Alerts, file syncing, task reminders – all of these can be generated automatically, freeing the employee to focus on the processes that generate the most value for the business. For managers, this means they get the 50,000-foot view of a process and can be more active to respond to issues and bottlenecks.

Customers are happy. Employees are more efficient. Business goals are met more quickly and intelligently. Companies that implement business process automation find that they have an increase in growth potential without having to bring on new employees to accomplish these necessary tasks.


benefits of business process automation