25 June 2016

Effective Tips for Designing Web Pages to Boost Conversion Rates

Designing web pages that convert visitors into leads is critical to having good sales volume on your website. Before looking to spend more time, money, and effort on something new, why not leverage what you already have?

Going from a 3% conversation rate to a 6% conversion rate would actually double what you’re already seeing! This can be dramatic, but the effort to see that kind of return for your business doesn’t have to be.




What’s your value?


First thing you need is clear value propositions for your business’s audience. They’re looking at what you offer and thinking questions like these: “What’s in it for me?” and “What do I get out of it?”

Your visitors are scanning your services and looking for things that help them. Things like saving time, money, resources – all reasons that they would want to use what you’re offering. Identify what you bring to the table.


Back it up


Now that you’ve shown what makes you valuable to your customers, it’s time to back it up with some proof. Things like testimonials, ratings, third-party awards – these are all things you’ll want to showcase to prove you can be trusted by showing that you’ve gotten it in the past.

Many of these have badges or simple bits of code to put their logo and trusted seals on your website. Do not forget these. You want to show that you have this endorsement anywhere it’s applicable.


Make it easy


Your website visitors are busy people. You want them to be intrigued by what your offering and excited by the possibility of working with you. Easy Call to actions, attention grabbing headlines, etc – all of these go a long way to generating more leads.

Have your page layout use easy to understand headlines, bullet points, images – you want it to seem effortless for someone to skim to find exactly what they want, and then give them the opportunity to buy or contact you.


Check with the competition


Your website doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Your leads probably have your site up alongside others that offer similar services. So how do you prepare your web page to be lined up side by side with your competition by your target audience? Do it first! Take constant note of what your competition is doing and use it!

Once you clearly define what’s different about you vs the competition, you can use that to show the differences in what your business provides. Think beyond just price – what does your customer care about most? Is it value? Customer service? Availability? Guarantees? Highlight how your business compares favorably using these items and you can be sure you potential customer leans your way.

As you can see, you may not need to make a massive investment of time and resources to come up with new strategies to increase conversion rates. And even if you do need a massive overhaul, you’ll be better prepared with these points above to know what to look for in your redesign.