25 June 2016

Big Ideas To A Billion Dollars – This Week From Stickboy®

Hello and Happy Friday,

This week was all about big ideas here at Stickboy®. Mobile apps have a world of promise, but you’ll want to make sure you set your business off right. We discussed some things you’ll need to know if you’re looking to start a new mobile app.

We also found a few cool things around the web you should check out. From an interview with Matt and Reema about the behind-the-scenes at Stickboy®, an article about a billion dollar piece of software called Docker that’s revolutionizing software development, and a whole new way to think about where good ideas come from.



In Case You Missed It:

dos and don'ts of mobile app development

Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile App Design

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Mobile App development Reema and Matt

Husband-and-Wife Team Strive to Modernize Business With Custom Technology

Melanie Pagan from Gulfshore Business interviewed Stickboy’s® Matt and Reema to find out what it’s like behind the scenes here at Stickboy®. Read more

Cool Stuff You Should Check out:


Rise Of The Docker Pattern

Its name is Docker. It’s 3 years old, valued at a billion dollars, and it’s changing the software development game. You’ve probably never even heard of it, but you will. Read more

All New Ideas Are Combinations Of Old Ideas

Tomasz Tunguz writes a great article about how bringing teams together the right way can yield amazing insights and innovation. Read more

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