3 August 2016

3 Web Application Development Myths You Must Avoid

3-Myths-About-Web-Application-DevelopmentYou already know how apps can revolutionize businesses, from process automation to B2B and B2C products.

But there’s a catch (isn’t there always?) – they’re not secure, can’t have the features you need, and they’re basically just a fancy website, right?


Web application development can provide your business with the features you need for your next great idea, as well as being secure.

Here are 3 myths that shouldn’t hold you back from web app development. Because if you keep thinking these are true, you may be making a huge mistake.

Myth 1: A Website and Web App Are The Same


They may both use a browser, but they are absolutely NOT the same.

So what’s the real story?

Put simply, a website shows information, a web app does something with it.

For one, a website is a streamlined and simple page of information. It may have some clever interactivity on it like menus and images, but it’s not made to accomplish any task other than present information.

A web app is created to accomplish a task with the information it’s given. It can be as robust as something that manages all of the students and classes for a school, or it could be as simple as something that transfers data between two servers in the background and runs a report.

The point is, a web app is created to help a business generate revenue by doing work. –


Myth 2: A Web App Can’t Do Everything That I Need


Here’s the deal: there are some things that a web app can’t do that a mobile app can, since it’s installed natively on the device.

What will surprise you is how small that list is.

Today’s web apps are capable of many advanced tasks and can help solve real problems in your business – all the while being produced cheaper and quicker than a mobile app. We’ve built web apps that collect signatures, create invoices, bulk upload images, auto-email bills, generate automated reports, track employee time, manage employees and locations – the list goes on.

You’ll be surprised at what a web app can do for your business.


Myth 3: A Web App Isn’t Secure


You’re probably thinking because it’s in a browser, it’s not as secure as a mobile app installed on your phone. Want the secret as to why that’s not true?

Here you go: all of the back end technology that goes into making a mobile app secure is also used on a web app.

SSL connections, server IP restrictions, API tokens, 2 factor authentication – these are just a handful of the technologies that both web apps and mobile apps share to ensure that their data is secure.

That’s why you see companies like Google, Amazon, and banks operating web apps to great success.


The Bottom Line:


Why does all this matter? It’s important not to get scared off of what web application development can do for your business because of myths like these. You could be walking away from a very powerful technology for no concrete reason at all.

If you’re interested in more, check our ebook on business process automation below (one of the best ways to use web apps for your business)  or contact us and we’ll be happy to give you a 30 minute demo on what a web app can do for your business.