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Mobile Apps Development

Here at Stickboy®, we believe in utilizing your budget as efficiently as possible. When it comes to mobile application development, this means utilizing a cross-platform development approach. What this means is we build your mobile app once, and with minimal fuss it will work on both iOS and Android platforms.

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  1. Cross-platform App Development
  2. Web-based Mobile Applications
  3. Progressive Web Applications
  4. UI/UX Design & Development

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When your employees are on-the-go, you need them to stay connected. By leveraging the power of custom mobile apps, you can keep your team productive anywhere from field to road to office. Enterprise mobile applications help you find new business opportunities and rocket your business into greater growth.

  1. Business Automation Apps
  2. Inventory & Asset Management Apps
  3. Shipping & Delivery Apps
  4. General Productivity Apps

Mobile Websites

Sometimes your budget or use case may not warrant a mobile application. For prototypes, new products, or lightweight use cases, a progressive web application may be the way to go. Using the latest technology, we can craft a mobile-first website that has the same look and feel as a mobile application.

  1. Mobile Responsive Websites
  2. Progressive Web Apps
  3. Product MVPs Prototypes
  4. First-to-Market Software

Point Of Sale & Commerce

Whether it’s an e-commerce application, a user-based marketplace, or a custom payment solution, we’ve launched systems that build sales and propel growth. Our team offers end-to-end services including design, development, and integration.

  1. E-Commerce
  2. Auction Software
  3. SaaS & Subscriptions
  4. Payment Systems

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