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CTO Services

Don’t yet require a full time CTO?

You can tailor a Technology Management package that meets your organizational needs, by drawing on one or more of the above services.

What are ‘Chief Technology Officer’ Services?

Chief Technology Officer Services are consulting services designed to assist small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) in the design, implementation, measurement and maintenance of all aspects of their technology systems to ensure that systems are functioning with the maximum performance, accuracy, reliability, and availability.

What are ‘Trusted Advisor’ Services?

Trusted Advisor Services are consulting services designed to assist small and medium sized business (SMB) owners and managers by providing answers to technology questions as a trusted technical expert.

The Complete Solution

Looking for a way to effectively manage your company-wide technology operations? Let Stickboy handle all of your technology needs from IT team management to the long term development of your strategic technology plan with this comprehensive strategic resource.

All-inclusive CTO Services Include, but are not limited to:

Project Management

Our team of skilled and experienced project managers is ready to collaborate with you to execute your next software/application project. Through detailed business automation design, we streamline your organization’s operation.

Technology Strategic Planning

Planning for the future is critical. Together we can design an aggressive growth plan with the right technology in place!

Productivity Analysis

Return on Investment Analysis – Knowing when you can expect a return on your investments is one of the most critical pieces of the technology investment puzzle. Let us take out the guesswork with a comprehensive and thorough Cost Benefit Analysis.

Vendor Evaluation

RFP and Specification Development, Bid Analysis and recommendations; let us help you find the right vendor for your next technology solution. Our singular goal is to help you find the vendor with an objective analysis, solution and budget that fits your needs.

Technology Assessment

Our team is prepared to perform a complete technology assessment of your organization, technology methodologies and processes. We define your organization’s “technology baseline” and outline a strategic plan for improving your technology operations.